The Groupon logo is the most recognizable visual element of the brand. Original logo art in a variety of color and file formats is available in the Downloads section of this site. The logo should be treated as one unit and should never be altered in any way.

The full color logo should be used whenever possible. The green logo can be used in place of the full color logo whenever it is an appropriate design solution. When printing only in black, the logo may be used either as one color black or one color white.

When placing the logo on black or colored backgrounds, use the white logo reversed out of the background color. The green one color logo is always preferred on white. The white logo is always preferred on green and never on visually cluttered or patterned backgrounds. The black version of the logo is only to be used if both the green and white logo are unsuitable.

Color Versions

Full Color
Full Color
One Color

Clear Space

The Groupon wordmark must always be surrounded by an area which contains no competing typography or visual elements. This clear space on all sides is equal to the height/width of the “G.”

Clear Space

Minimum Size

To preserve recognition and readability the Groupon logo should never be reproduced at any size less than 3/4 inches wide. The measurements shown below are not to scale.

Minimum Size


Appropriate placement of the logo is crucial in identifying collateral as part of the Groupon brand. The logo should always appear on the front of materials. The logo should never be placed in the top right or center area. The preferred logo placement is the top left. The logo should have plenty of clear space and not be placed too close to the edges of the material. Acceptable alternate placement includes: bottom left and right.

Placement - Padded

Keeping the logo legible and removed from distracting elements is critical. A solid block of an approved brand color can be placed behind the logo if legibility is compromised by imagery on the piece. The logo and accompanying copy may not be placed on top of busy imagery. The logo must be in black, white, or green.

Placement - Legibility Correct


Improper use of the Groupon logo can dilute the image we are striving to maintain. Please adhere to the following rules pertaining to improper use of the logo:

Violation - 1
Violation - 2
Violation - 3
Never add any text or graphics to the logo.
Never distort or stretch the logo.
Never use the logo without the registration mark (®).
Violation - 4
Violation - 5
Violation - 6
Never reproduce the logo in a color other than the approved color variations provided in the Downloads section of this site.
Never allow any other graphics or copy to infringe on the clear space surrounding the logo.
Never add ornamentation to the logo.

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